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11 Sep 2019
A Dirty Gutter that has been Cleaned

Which Gutter is Which?

Your gutter is your trusty friend for keeping your home protected from the weather. Sometimes it can be hard to decide which gutter would be right for you. There are various options to choose from, so to make it easier on you we’ve compiled a list of the different types of gutters.

Gutter Types

1.K-Style Gutters

These are the type of gutters you will see on most homes. From the side, they supposedly resemble the letter “K” but realistically they are listed under option “K” by a national association. This type of gutter can hold more water than a round gutter and come in a variety of sizes and materials. Most homeowners like this style because it mimics crown molding and gives off a curvier look.

2.Half-round Gutters

These gutters will be more costly than k-style gutters due to more time-consuming installation. You may think this makes them very unpopular, but they are still very suitable for older homes and or expensive designs. Like K-style they also come in a variety of colors and sizes. For a more rounded design then this would be your ideal choice.

3.Seamless Gutters

Seamless sounds like an attractive option when thinking about the type of gutter you want to be installed. Instead of being installed in sections like traditional gutters, this model comes as one single piece. This provides a more streamlined look and can be more aesthetically pleasing. It may be more costly than having traditional sectioned gutters, but you can save more money on repairs in the long run.

Gutter Materials

Gutters can come in a variety of materials. Some are obviously more popular than others, so we will also break down the different materials you can choose from.

1. Aluminum

Corrosion-resistant, lightweight, and relatively inexpensive. This is the default gutter material choice for gutter installations.

2. Vinyl

This type of material is hot on the market nowadays for homeowners. Vinyl gutters do not rust or corrode. Not to mention, they are also friendly on the wallet too. These gutters may seem like the best choice, but they do not fare well in very cold weather. If you are looking for an easy cost-effective choice, then vinyl is the way to go.

3. Steel

Steel gutters are popular for their sturdiness and can also come in stainless if you want something more rust proof. Regular steel gutters won’t be as expensive as their stainless cousin, but they are stronger than aluminum gutters. This type of gutter can withstand falling branches, heavy debris, and ladder damage, unlike the previous options.

4. Copper

If you want to splurge a little, then a practically indestructible option is a copper gutter. These gutters are beautiful and would look great on your home. If you are looking to boost the curb appeal of your home and have a trusty gutter, then copper will keep your home safe for a while.

5. Wood

A blast from the past, wood gutters can be found still in use on houses. Typically found on older homes, this type of gutter used to be the norm. Nowadays this type of gutter is used on historic home renovations. Because wood is no longer the normal gutter of choice, you may find it either hard to find or very costly. They can look very beautiful when installed properly.

Reached a Decision?

If you’ve figured out what kind of gutter you’d like, then going to a local gutter installation company will be your best resource for installation and repair. When receiving expert advice, you will feel more comfortable deciding about what kind of gutter you want. Gutter installation experts also aid in the repair and maintenance of gutters too. Be sure to give them a call if you want to learn more about the type of gutter options they offer.

30 Aug 2019
A vintage home with yellow siding and a green picket fence. The home has a large porch with white columns and a fresh new coat of paint.

It’s What’s on the Outside That Matters Too

A lot of renovation shows on television these days focus on remodeling the interior of a home. While it is beautiful to see a brand-new kitchen, it is not so beautiful to see a dilapidated exterior. Your home should reflect what is on the inside. Think of it as a neatly wrapped Christmas present, the way it appears on the outside should excite you for what is within. A great way to amp up the value and appeal of your home is to either repaint or replace your siding.
The siding on your home should have material made to last. Even a vintage home needs a little refresher from time to time. When considering the material for your siding some great long-lasting options are:

  • Vinyl
  • Metal

There are numerous amounts of siding options, but when thinking about what will get you the most bang for your buck, it will be these two.


If you are going for a more modern approach with your home, then metal siding is your best friend. A lot of times this siding option is used on industrial buildings but is slowly becoming more popular for homeowners due to its durability and aesthetic. With metal siding you will be gaining these benefits:

  • Fire resistant
  • Rot resistant
  • Termite resistant
  • Low utility bills


Vinyl is a plastic material most commonly found on modern colonial homes. Its durability and low maintenance are why it is easily a favorite amongst many. If you are looking to still maintain a rustic-look then vinyl is a great option due to the variability in styles. With vinyl you can expect these benefits:

  • Low installation cost
  • Low initial cost
  • Can mimic woodgrain and stone appearance
  • Various texture options


As with any material your siding will become worn which is why it should be protected and installed correctly. If you are wanting to keep your exterior looking fresh all year round, then I would recommend updating your gutter as well. As amazing as siding options are, everything needs an extra coat of protection. Gutter installation is best done by experts to ensure your siding is getting the proper defense. With a gutter, your siding is protected from:

  • Mold & Mildew
  • Split siding
  • Streaks & Stains

Don’t let the weather or environment devalue your home. Your house is one of the biggest assets you can have. By having new siding and a gutter, your house will be built to last for many years. Give your home a breath of fresh air with a new coat of paint or some upgrades.

Local Professionals

In the Boise area, you will find local experts who can aid in gutter installation, siding repair, and siding installation. Gutters R Us is a good example of a company that can bring value to your home by providing those services. Even if you need your gutter cleaned or some siding repaired, we are your go-to professionals in the Treasure Valley.

21 May 2019
A man on a ladder cleaning a gutter

Signs From Your Home that You Should Call A Specialist

New York Times best-selling author Karen Marie Moning said:

“Strength wasn’t about being able to do everything alone. Strength was knowing when to ask for help and not being too proud to do it.”


Moning probably was not talking about gutters but she was not wrong, either. More often than not, big problems arise when homeowners put off small issues that quickly transition to larger issues with more expensive solutions. And when it comes to the home, particularly your home, acting early can save time, money, patience, and energy for things that make life enjoyable – instead of the things that make life just livable. So before your gutters, doors, windows, and siding get to that “next level” of stress, take a look at the warning signs before the going gets tough.

1. Clogging

Fall is infamous for gutter clogging because of the inherent seasonal changes and leaf downfall. However, the transition between spring and summer is an important one for home maintenance with regard to waste removal. In the same way that we check up on our closets and get rid of clothes we no longer use, our gutters also need tending to.as well. Keeping an eye on clogging as well as overflow so to avoid overwhelming the gutter system. However, if things are looking to be moving in the wrong direction, we provide a gutter cleaning service to alleviate the stress on your gutters from the elements.

2. Cracking

Your pets may not be a big fan of the summer storms but those thunderstorms can be the perfect environment to sit down and relax in. That is until your gutters cease to do their job due to cracking and splitting. While spring showers bring May flowers, the shifts between cold and weather through the winter and fall can be corrosive to old gutters. Much like anything, after standard wear and tear or even out-of-character weather, your gutters may begin to crack or split.

3. Sagging

Many people say that the windows are the eyes of the home and they provide, or detract from, the home’s personality. If the windows are the eyes then the gutters and siding provide amplification of that personality. Gutters and accessory features provide a strong sense of integrity for the exterior of the home. In doing so, when gutters are sagging or pulling away from the roofline or sidewall of your home, they distract from the genuine offering of your home. On top of the aesthetic that gutters yield, gutters’ function is at an all-time low when they are wilting away from the home. To protect your home from the potential harms of gutter leakage and breakage as well as enhance its curb appeal, check up on your gutters’ attachment support.

4. Watermarks

Watermarks are a universal sign for action in the home maintenance world. However, watermarks lining your bathtub require a different solution than watermarks beneath your gutters. Those stains or watermarks resulting on the “belly”, or underside, of your gutters, are warning signs of extended leaking and or dripping from the gutters, which means that they really are not doing their job. These marks can also result in rust and molding if not taken care of in a timely manner.

Watermarks at the spout of the gutter, near the base of the home, can also signal leaking or dripping. In order to avoid these problems, consider solutions like spout extensions. The U.S. Department of Energy has provided spout leakage alternatives like downspouts as well.


English poet Geoffrey Chaucer knew what he was talking about with the old adage “better late than never” but we can do him one better with the amendment of “never late is better”… At least as far as home maintenance is concerned. Keeping an eye out for these warning signs can not only help you maximize your home’s worth and productivity but also prevent unforeseen costs and stress as the warm months come around.

02 Apr 2019
A cottage road with vintage style gutters

Best Gutters for Your Home and How to Choose Them

With April showers just around the corner, it’s time to make sure you are prepared for the upcoming rainy season. One of the most important ways to keep your home in tip-top condition when facing strong downpour is your home’s gutters.

Best Gutter Shape for Your Home

There are a variety of different aspects concerning gutters. First things first is the shape. There are three main shapes of gutters: wide bottom fascia, “k” style and half round gutters. Below we will discuss the pros and cons of each style.

Wide Bottom Fascia Gutters

This style of gutter holds the most amount of water and debris because it is larger than the other styles of gutters, making them ideal for areas with really extreme weather conditions. This style is also mounted directly into the fascia making them more secure. However, these can be difficult to install yourself and require more maintenance than other kinds.

“K” Style Gutters

Named after their shape’s resemblance to the letter, “K”, these gutters are by far the most popular and most widely recommended by professionals in the field. They are also more durable than other shapes and hold more water and debris. Another plus about this shape is that they are easy to install yourself and because they resemble crown molding, they are definitely more aesthetically appealing.

Half-Round Gutters

Half-round gutters are beautiful to look at, seriously. But that is about all the benefits of this shape. This style offers about zero functional benefits, are more expensive and are difficult to install. However, they are aesthetically pleasing and are good for a more historic renovation.Also, “K” style gutters have twice the capacity of half round of the same width and cost up to 50% less per foot.

Best Materials for Your Gutters

Now that you’ve chosen a shape for your gutters it’s time to choose the right material. Gutters can come in many different types of materials but there are definite advantages to some over others.


When it comes to gutters, aluminum is the most widely used. It is lightweight, durable and won’t rust. Aluminum gutters are easy to install yourself and you can even paint them. In areas that receive heavy snowfall, it is recommended you get thicker gauge aluminum gutters as it will better support heavy snow long term. Another option is seamless aluminum gutters. They make up 70% of all gutters out there today. They’re not really a DIY option as they are custom made at the job site. However, seamless gutters eliminate seams and reduce the chances of leaks. This option is more expensive than regular aluminum but there isn’t any hauling of long gutters from the hardware store to your home so that is a plus.


Copper gutters are used mainly in high-end residences and historic renovations. This type of material is extremely aesthetically pleasing, developing a natural greenish patina over time and never rusting. However, copper gutters require professional installment because installment includes welding. This option is also much more expensive than aluminum, the base price starting at $12/foot and aluminum’s highest price for professional installment sitting at about $9/foot, so definitely a factor to keep in mind.


These gutters are incredibly strong, but while galvanized steel initially resists rust, it will likely start to develop rust after about 5-10 years. You can also paint steel gutters if you’d like, but they’re very heavy and not recommended for DIY projects, plus, they also can be pretty expensive.


Vinyl gutters are the cheapest option and they’re also the second most widely used. They’re also lightweight and the easiest for DIY projects. This material does come in a few colors but even still there isn’t much to choose from. Plus, the color will likely fade from UV light. Vinyl will also possibly crack in severe cold and won’t support ladders placed against them. So while this is the cheapest option, consider going with something just a little more pricey to ensure longevity.


Zinc gutters are very durable and long lasting. Like copper, they are very aesthetically appealing and mostly used on high-end residences and historic renovations. You can’t paint zinc gutters, but they will develop a natural patina over time, making them look even better with age. However, they are expensive and also require professional installment because their installation includes welding.

28 Feb 2019
A man cleaning the windows of a home

Spring Cleaning Tips for the Exterior of Your Home

Spring is right around the corner, even if it doesn’t feel like it sometimes—and it’s the perfect time to get things bright and fresh around your home for the season. And while a lot of people tend to focus on the inside, the outside of your home needs just as much love.

That being said, cleaning up your home’s exterior can feel a little bit daunting, especially if you don’t have the tools or know how to get the job done safely and correctly. Don’t fear—we’ll break down the 8 most important exterior cleaning tasks, and your options for tackling each one while not breaking your back, or the bank.


Windows say a lot about a well-loved home. Clean windows, both from the outside and the inside, make a fresh and clean statement that shows your home is clean and well cared for. Cleaning up the grime can bring more light into your home, and in the waning winter months, bringing the bright sun into your home can be one of the best ways to combat the late winter blues.

If you have a single level home, cleaning can usually all be done with a step stool and some basic window cleaning tools. If you don’t have a squeegee, they are an inexpensive investment to make that can turn window washing into a much faster and more effective practice.

If you are dealing with second story windows, you may want to call in a professional, but it depends on your comfort level with ladders and heights. You can also rent a power washer, which we recommend later as well, to blast some of the dirt off your higher windows.


After falling leaves in the autumn and the winter yuck that the cold months bring, cleaning out your gutters in the spring is more than just cosmetic, but actually necessary for the safety of your home. Clogged gutter can cause build up and damage of your roof if you’re not careful. While many people do opt to clean their own gutters with the use of a power washer, we highly recommend leaving the job to the professionals. If you are ready to clear out your gutter for the spring rains, give us a call.

Organize Your Storage Space

A lot of people have outdoor storage space. Whether it’s a tool or storage shed or perhaps where you keep your bikes and other outdoor equipment, tidying up this space can clean up the exterior of your home while at the same time encouraging more springtime activity. Use boxes and containers to keep the smaller loose ends contained. Don’t forget about using your wall space by adding hooks or shelves. Most importantly, don’t be afraid to purge—get rid of what you don’t need anymore, it’s only taking up space.

Clean the Lawn/Yank Weeds

Even if you prepared your lawn for winter, there are often tasks that need to be addressed once springs hits. Clear your lawn of any leftover leaves or dead grass. While you’re at it, take a look at your weeds and flower beds. Even if it is still too early to plant, getting this preparation done now will save you time later and make sure things look neat and tidy all around the exterior of your home.

Look for Damaged Fencing and Siding

The winter can sometimes cause damage to your home’s siding or fencing. Run a perimeter check and see if there are any things that need replacement or repair. This can save you from larger repairs later and help add to a clean exterior appearance.

Painting and Touch Ups

After you’ve done a perimeter check you’d likely identified areas that need a little bit of love, especially in the color department. Spring is a great time to make these touch-ups or even give your home a fresh coat of paint. Depending on the extent of work that needs to be done, this could be an easy project or something that you hire out, but nothing can make a home’s exterior look cleaner than a fresh coat of paint.

Power Wash Your Exterior Walls/Siding

Sometimes the only thing that can get that dirt and grime of your home is a little bit of power. Give everything a quick wash off by renting or borrowing a power washer. Not only can you get those walls clean, but you can also use the power washer for windows, sidewalks and driveways, eaves and over hangs, and anywhere that can collect dirt, cobwebs and other debris. Power washing does take a little muscle, so if you’re at all concerned about being able to use the tool yourself you may opt to hire this out to a cleaning service.

Clean Patio Space & Furniture

Use this time to give your patio a deep cleaning as well. Clean the patio or deck area with a power washer if you have it, however, using a hose with the proper attachment will often do the job. Pay careful attention to all of your furniture that has been accumulating dust and dirt over the winter and make sure everything is ready for sitting and dining. Most of this can be accomplished with basic cleaners and elbow grease, but use whatever method you are most comfortable with.


Once your home is spic and span for the season you can enjoy everything the exterior of your home has to offer. Having a clean home not only looks amazing, but it gives you a sense of calm, when most of us are generally living in a chaotic world. Take the time to “spoil” the outside of your home as much as you do the inside, and enjoy a beautiful spring!

09 Aug 2017

How to Properly Care for your Gutters

The cleanliness of a gutter will allow it to function properly. We’ve outlined some steps for keeping them clean, so they work as intended. You don’t want clogs in your gutters – if you do, water will fall out the side. Here’s a few tips on how to keep them clean and operating smoothly.

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