Spring is right around the corner, even if it doesn’t feel like it sometimes—and it’s the perfect time to get things bright and fresh around your home for the season. And while a lot of people tend to focus on the inside, the outside of your home needs just as much love.

That being said, cleaning up your home’s exterior can feel a little bit daunting, especially if you don’t have the tools or know how to get the job done safely and correctly. Don’t fear—we’ll break down the 8 most important exterior cleaning tasks, and your options for tackling each one while not breaking your back, or the bank.


Windows say a lot about a well-loved home. Clean windows, both from the outside and the inside, make a fresh and clean statement that shows your home is clean and well cared for. Cleaning up the grime can bring more light into your home, and in the waning winter months, bringing the bright sun into your home can be one of the best ways to combat the late winter blues.

If you have a single level home, cleaning can usually all be done with a step stool and some basic window cleaning tools. If you don’t have a squeegee, they are an inexpensive investment to make that can turn window washing into a much faster and more effective practice.

If you are dealing with second story windows, you may want to call in a professional, but it depends on your comfort level with ladders and heights. You can also rent a power washer, which we recommend later as well, to blast some of the dirt off your higher windows.


After falling leaves in the autumn and the winter yuck that the cold months bring, cleaning out your gutters in the spring is more than just cosmetic, but actually necessary for the safety of your home. Clogged gutter can cause build up and damage of your roof if you’re not careful. While many people do opt to clean their own gutters with the use of a power washer, we highly recommend leaving the job to the professionals. If you are ready to clear out your gutter for the spring rains, give us a call.

Organize Your Storage Space

A lot of people have outdoor storage space. Whether it’s a tool or storage shed or perhaps where you keep your bikes and other outdoor equipment, tidying up this space can clean up the exterior of your home while at the same time encouraging more springtime activity. Use boxes and containers to keep the smaller loose ends contained. Don’t forget about using your wall space by adding hooks or shelves. Most importantly, don’t be afraid to purge—get rid of what you don’t need anymore, it’s only taking up space.

Clean the Lawn/Yank Weeds

Even if you prepared your lawn for winter, there are often tasks that need to be addressed once springs hits. Clear your lawn of any leftover leaves or dead grass. While you’re at it, take a look at your weeds and flower beds. Even if it is still too early to plant, getting this preparation done now will save you time later and make sure things look neat and tidy all around the exterior of your home.

Look for Damaged Fencing and Siding

The winter can sometimes cause damage to your home’s siding or fencing. Run a perimeter check and see if there are any things that need replacement or repair. This can save you from larger repairs later and help add to a clean exterior appearance.

Painting and Touch Ups

After you’ve done a perimeter check you’d likely identified areas that need a little bit of love, especially in the color department. Spring is a great time to make these touch-ups or even give your home a fresh coat of paint. Depending on the extent of work that needs to be done, this could be an easy project or something that you hire out, but nothing can make a home’s exterior look cleaner than a fresh coat of paint.

Power Wash Your Exterior Walls/Siding

Sometimes the only thing that can get that dirt and grime of your home is a little bit of power. Give everything a quick wash off by renting or borrowing a power washer. Not only can you get those walls clean, but you can also use the power washer for windows, sidewalks and driveways, eaves and over hangs, and anywhere that can collect dirt, cobwebs and other debris. Power washing does take a little muscle, so if you’re at all concerned about being able to use the tool yourself you may opt to hire this out to a cleaning service.

Clean Patio Space & Furniture

Use this time to give your patio a deep cleaning as well. Clean the patio or deck area with a power washer if you have it, however, using a hose with the proper attachment will often do the job. Pay careful attention to all of your furniture that has been accumulating dust and dirt over the winter and make sure everything is ready for sitting and dining. Most of this can be accomplished with basic cleaners and elbow grease, but use whatever method you are most comfortable with.


Once your home is spic and span for the season you can enjoy everything the exterior of your home has to offer. Having a clean home not only looks amazing, but it gives you a sense of calm, when most of us are generally living in a chaotic world. Take the time to “spoil” the outside of your home as much as you do the inside, and enjoy a beautiful spring!